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Mama Ghetto Rose


Out on the front porch she’s taken to drinking - she’s got a tall cool lemonade
Stoop is crumbling from the heat of summer - she tries to remember rain
She loves sitting and watching the children
In summertime she says Everyday’s a Saturday
Love’s commotion with the people passing - she’s sitting pretty in the shade
Underneath the sun her days they move along - they move along
Every now and then a neighbor lingers near - they love to hear
Laughing Mama Ghetto Rose

Sitting there wide eyed, oh we got her going
Stories of high brow Harlem and her dancers’ legs
Strapless satin, singing with the white boys
She says - The good times where on parade
Underneath the lights her nights they’d move along - they’d move along
Every now and then the men would linger near - they loved to hear
Singing Mama Ghetto Rose

Then she’ll close her eyes, and rest inside the glory
Of her life, oh, her life
What a life, tell a little more - a little more!

Talk about sorrow, talk about struggle she’d say
Girl, just go row your boat, watch for the weather
Don’t you ever put anchor - let your power keep your life afloat
There inside the wind your days will move along - they’ll move along
Every now and then a friend will linger near - trust your
Dear ol’ Mama Ghetto Rose

Out on the front porch, she’s taken to drinking - she’s got a tall cool lemonade
Kids are laughing, sneaking up behind her - they cop a sip of her lemonade

©1993 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI

updated: 2 years ago