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True Love

Just a little vision, just a little night walk
In the moonlight by your side
Come a little closer, in the distance
There’s a sadness in the tide
Walking up along the lake
Careful of the steps we take
Lovers’ passing by
They’re so quiet you can hear them sigh

I’m hearing - true love, true love, true love
Forever mine - be my true love - forever mine

On the boardwalk under neon
And a crazy August sky
There’s a chance of thunder
There’s a chance that I might fall into your eyes
Something breezes through my hair
Or did you whisper something in my ear
Sounds like I love you - tell me, tell me true


Don’t you wonder why does summer
Hold such magic in the dark
Strangers turn to lovers and
Gravity will not deny your heart
On the midway at the fair
You will see us every where
Like ducks all in a row
Love lines us up, love lets us go
And we shoot at true love


©1993 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI