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Welcome to my textiles page.

I am in the process listing my musical themed bags for sale here on my website, using the same ecommerce I use for my CDs, books and sheet music. I'll be offering original designs in various sizes, under the header of my new passion called "SMALL BATCH BAGS" (not to be confused with small batch whiskey!) So check back often to see whassup with pics, links, and prices.

For now, feel free to click on any of the "galleries" from quilts, totes and duffle bags, to a wedding "Chuppah" (canopy) made of tulle, makeup pouches, chair coverings, and Covid Masks, Vegan Leather instrument cases, laptop cases, and cross body piano purses and clutches.

If you see something that strikes you, and you'd like to see if I might be able to make it for you, please feel free to contact me .

But first, here's my mask tutorial produced by 4BBabe pal Christine Lavin in March of 2020. Our tours had been canceled, so many folks devoted themselves to dragging out old sewing machines and dusting off their skills to help out. I'm so grateful to Chris for putting this together.