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Don't Mess With Me, I'm Somebody's Mother

She’s sitting at a red light, waiting for a green light
When the Porsche Carrera comes on speeding through
She puts on her siren, she’s heading out to chase him
Gonna hand him a citation with how do you do
She says I clocked you going 80
He says, little lady, girl you must be crazy
Honey are you sure?
Honey, are you sure?

She says...
Don’t mess with me, I’m somebody’s mother
I’ve taken on much tougher than you
I’ve given birth to sons and daughters
I part the waters then I walk through

She’s runnin’ up the court steps, with her purse and briefcase
Grabs her robe and gavel, says - Here comes the judge
She’ll hear the prosecution defend the constitution
Gonna hand down her decision you know she will not budge- Case Closed!


Don’t mess with mama, don’t be a fool
The hand that rocks the cradle, that’s the hand that makes the rules baby
Don’t mess with mama, you know what I mean
Like when Mary said to Joseph - Better get that stable clean
Baby don’t you bug her, remember your own mother
If you’re gonna go up against her
Just remember she’s a sure and steady boulder….


I’m gonna, walk on, walk on, walk on, walk on
I’m gonna part the waters I’m gonna walk on through
I’m gonna, walk on, walk on, walk on, walk on
I’m gonna part the waters - just like Mrs. Moses
I’m gonna walk on through!

©2002 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI