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Silent, Silent

In a childhood room, a pretty little girl
Lying in her bed, dreaming in the darkness
She’s riding on a pony, clinging to the mane
Running through the fields ever soft and silent
In a childhood room, a pretty little girl
Crying in her bed, weeping in the darkness
The ponies have all gone, she wakes up clinging to the mane
Of an animal who says If you want my love, you must be silent
She goes

Silent, silent, silent, silent in the darkness

The high spirits of a boy go running up and down the stairs
He gets in his mommas hair many times to often
He’s a flurry on the go, curiosity in his soul
So she yells at him, Bad boy, please be still and silent
She can’t understand his need to try all there is to be
So she sends him to his room she’s so cold and heartless
He feels punished and alone, ashamed for what’s no known
Now there’s a shadow in his soul - empty now and silent
He goes silent.


For those of us who grew up inside the eyes of silent storms
Where angry words tear at your heart so much so
That’s all you know is silence

For every woman, child and man, wounded by the very hands of those
Who’d love us as long as we promised to be silent
I hear you echo in the din, mystic voices in the wind
As we collectively begin to rail against the silence
We won’t be silent


©1998 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI