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The Path (3:00)

Broken heart and wounded soul

I came into your life

Not seeking some simple cure

For I can bare this strife

Yet in your touch I felt so much

It could not be denied

Face to face, the warm embrace

And neither of us tried.

I do not seek to own your heart

The heart must be a gift

For all this time I spent with you

They have taught me this.

Yet you cannot give to me

The little I might ask

Then I must simply go my way

Upon another path.

Bridge: la la la la la la la

The road it twists, the road it turns

Sometimes we are lost

For in this ever-changing world

How the heart is tossed

But love in time will find a way

This I know is true

And if the fates be kind to me

The path will lead to you~

C. 2000 Dan Green, Amerisound Music, BMI

Ronn Price, Prisongs, BMI