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Sally Fingerett

Four Bitchin’ Babes




With Sally Fingerett, Debi Smith, Deirdre Flint, & Marcy Marxer, this tour de force musical comedy group presents their 9th CD of songs that revel in the choices made by a generation who has "been-there-saw-that-drank-that-ate-that-came-back-to-kick-back-and-lay-back! Of course, the question remains: How can funny sound this pretty?

Summer/2012 marks the beginning of their 23rd season of touring and recording. Longtime Babes Sally Fingerett, Debi Smith and Deirdre Flint welcome new Babe Marcy Marxer of the wonderfully eclectic Grammy winning and (still touring) duo of Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer. Continuing to showcase their “BABES” signature brand of estrogen-infused mayhem and award winning songwriting, they set to music their collective Mid Life Crises and the inherent need for Mid Life Vices!

With acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, piano, bass, drums (both Jazzy and Irish Bodhran) and of course harmonies from heaven, these multi-talented gal pals take off with the rocking release of The Bitchin' Babe Boogie, then offer a peek into the mind of an organized scatterbrain in Just in Case. It wouldn't be a 4BBabes recording without a few statements from the heart, so there's romance in Dim the Lights,  and In My Dreams. The Babes continue to write and sing about the issues we share, with tributes to our Sisters, and the soon to a classic You Came In Last. The delightful moodswinging Ukulele-Pick-Me-Up offers an explosion of skill and finesse! It wouldn't be a Babe project if they didn't bring you songs dedicated to the passions and misdeeds of our age, in Facebook, The History of Cheese.

Producers Sally Fingerett and Debi Smith of Hem and Haw Productions returned to the home of many Bitchin' Babes' projects, Amerisound Studios in Columbus, OH, to work with veteran engineer Dan Green. The Babes blend great fun, brilliant harmonies, and first class recording, creating the hallmark of every Bitchin' Babe project.  Welcome to Mid Life Vices a celebration of Whine, Women and Song!