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Sally Fingerett "My Good Company" Shanachie Records

Sally Fingerett My Good Company Shanachie Records

It’s been six years since Sally Fingerett’s last solo release. In the interim she caught a virus that paralyzed her vocal cords for a year and threatened to abruptly end her career as a performer. Happily, Fingerett was able to sing again, but even if that were the case one suspects her talent as a songwriter would keep her and her fans happily occupied.

Informed by both folk and pop sensibilities," My Good Company” is brimming with good songs and well sung. Fingerett’s perspective as a songwriter often shifts, from say, that of a troubled child (Silent, Silent) to that of concern parent (Little Girl, Please Wait) and the tone of her songs vary as well, gracefully adjusting to the pulse of poignant romances (I Danced With A Man),  withered marriages (Thirsty Woman) and undying pleasures (Boys on Wheels). Remarkably consistent is the quality of the songwriting an unwavering level of craft that sustains interest even when Fingerett is wearing her heart proudly pinned to her sleeve.

She has more than a few friends to help her out here, including Janis Ian, Jonathan Edwards and Tom Paxton.  But mostly it's Fingerett’s strength as a writer that accounts for the album's considerable charm, compassion and character.

Mike Joyce