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Press Reviews & Quotes

“Sally Fingerett gives ample proof why she won the KERRVILLE award for of he best lyricists on the singer/songwriter circuit.” – THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“A wrenchingly viviD knack for contemporary ballads” – THE BOSTON GLOBE

“Informed by both folk and pop sensibilities, My Good Company is brimming with good songs well sun. Remarkably consistent is the quality of the songwriting, an unwavering level of craft...” – THE WASHINGTON POST

“What is Sally Fingerett about? Intelligent, lyrical songs, nimble fingered guitar and piano stylings and a lilting voice that skips down the path of lovely melodies. Fingerett is surely one artist we'll be hearing more about in coming years.” – PERFORMING SONGWRITER

“Enclosed is a fine debut album. Take a risk she's worth it.” – PLAYBOY MAGAZINE

“Graceful, witty, elegant, charming. All the things you want in a lunch companion, Sally has managed to capture on this (My Good Company) CD.” – JANIS IAN

“Thank you dear heart, your songs are beautiful. As for (the song) THE RED MAN, I have received many awards in my lifetime, but I cannot remember anything that has ever touched my emotions with such heartfelt warmth.’ – RED SKELTON

“A meditation on life with all it's sorrow, contradictions, small joys, and moments of wonderment. Her voice and her compelling lyrics are rightly the focus of these ten tunes.” – THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER

“A brassy disposition, and the pipes to make you believe it!” – THE CHICAGO READER

"Sally Fingerett’s presentation was one of the highlights of the First Annual Collier County Jewish Book Festival. Sally is a funny, engaging and passionate speaker – and singer! How many authors bring a guitar and voice to match to their book presentations! Sally was so much fun to work with, easy-going, flexible, creative and a great partner. The audience loved her! Yours will too!" - JEWISH FEDERATION OF COLLIER COUNTY

“My daughter is a brilliant talent, but would it kill her to cut those bangs.” – NAOMI GARFINKEL FINGERETT