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Here In The Midwest


Here in the Midwest, it ain’t no rumor
That the winters can be hard
When I’m with you, if feels like summer
You keep the bitter wind from my heart
My heart
Your love it’s warm like the noon day sun
On the fields of Ohio
Your love it shines like the full moon
Clear and bright
Your love it’s gentle breezes blowing
And lightening bugs glowing
On a July night
Here in the Midwest, it ain’t no rumor
It’s all one prairie, all one sky
But when I’m with you I’m in the mountains
I look to see the clouds go passing by
Right on by
Your love it soars like a bird on the wing
Through the Appalachia’s
Your love it’s deep like the foothills
On down below
Your love it flows just like a river
And I’ve yet to discover where to go

Here in the Midwest

©1983 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI