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© 2015 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music BMI

When I was a little girl, I loved the dreidel song
Every year at Hanukah, we’d all sing along
We’d sing “Dreidel, Draydal, Dreydle, I made it out of clay”
I thought I’d take an old song for a brand-new spin, today.

And so we celebrate with spirit
We celebrate with lights
We celebrate the miracle with candles on eight nights

Long ago, the bad guys tore our temple down
There beneath the rubble, our sacred oil was found
It was just a thimbleful, not enough to last one night
But it burned for eights long days, gave us our Festival of Lights.

You see, because we’re Jewish, got no holly—got no tree
Don’t wear Christmas sweaters, don’t sit down on Santa’s knee
Nothing can compete with how Christmas rolls on through
But we have Hanukah for folks like me and folks like . . .me.

What’s up with that fruitcake, what’s up in egg-nog
Just fry potato pancakes, feh, an artery gets clogged
We love your Christmas cookies
Jack Frost nipping at our noses
Was Jack Frost a plastic surgeon?
Did he do the nose of Moses?

With our family traditions, many customs, many ways
We celebrate this season, finding joy in every day
I have my menorah, you might decorate a tree
Together we all say a prayer for love
Good healthy, prosperity, and peace.

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