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©1991 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI

Sweetness, sweetness, just the taste of your tenderness
Sweetness, sweetness, you got me going, yeah.
Sweetness, sweetness, we’re face to face, lips to lips
Sweetness, sweetness I’m going crazy, for a little kiss
Just a little kiss

The straightest point between two places
Is the road from my heart that goes along to your heart
And that road is traveled by the words I love you
And the words I love you make the straightest point.

The point is sweetness   - CHORUS

I don’t know why you talk about trouble
We got no trouble when you’re beside me
Leave your worries behind you tomorrow’s gonna find you
Waking up from a sweet dream dreaming of this love

Dreaming of your sweetness  - CHORUS

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