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©2009 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI 
You made a beautiful dinner fit for a king and queen
He said he’d be home early for a romantic evening
7:30 has come and gone and now it’s half past ten  
You wonder why you’re not surprised he shows up late again
Put away the Ceaser-salad put away the pasta and the garlic bread
Don’t need no stinking entree you want something for your head
You know just where to find it ‘cause you hide it from the kids
Underneath the Tupperware, behind the plastic lids
That’s where you keep your chocolate, you gotta have it
You’re chasing after chocolate, you need it now
But somebody ate your chocolate, they’re gonna regret it
‘Cuz Mama won’t be nice till she’s had a taste somehow

You’ll sneak into the kids’ room you can’t be heard you can’t be seen
You’re gonna raid their private stash from last year’s Halloween
You creep into their closet and you hear a raging bell
They’ve booby trapped the goody bag, your kids know you way to well

That you would steal their chocolate, but you gotta have it
You’re jonesin’ for some chocolate, you need it now
You’re ruthless for some chocolate, you can bet it
There’s nothing you won’t do for a little taste somehow

You’ll rummage through the trail mix stealing all the chocolate chips
You’ll suck it off a raisin or a pretzel that’s been dipped        
Grab a can of frosting forget about the cake
You’ll eat a roll of cookie dough you never planned to bake
You’ll suffer through those chocolate covered gourmet coffee beans
Up all night but look at that! you’ve got your whole house clean     

All because of chocolate gives you magic
Even your therapist agrees
The brain it needs the chocolate, got to-got to-give it some
Dark or white, milk - smooth and light, it’s all right by me

You can pour it over coconut, cashews, caramel
Mold it into semi sweet ginormous non parrels
Chocolate covered cherries, chocolate peanut butter cups
There’s even chocolate covered ants, hmm not so much
Junior Mints and Snickers, Milk Duds and Kit Kats
Did you know that Tootsie Rolls haven’t any fat?
You’ve been through every nook and cranny
There’s nothing to be found
Hershey’s Syrup in a can - pretty easy going down

Toast a glass of chocolate, hello happy hour
Kahlua, Crème de Cacao, smooth as silk 
Why don’t you throw some booze into your Bosco
Who doesn’t love what Vodka does to a glass of chocolate milk?

Back in the beginning, way-way back, with Adam and Eve
She was tired and weary, moody, grumpy, downright mean
A case of constant craving had her climbing up a tree
She finds a little piece of fruit, we’ve come to believe

She was looking for some chocolate
She was feeling punky, shoulda had a chunky
Down and depressed, get a Hershey’s kiss
Before you swear off men get a bowl of M&M’s
Wanna feel the love - anything by Ghirardelli, Dove
You know you’re alive-ah when you eat Godiva
N E S T L E S helps you feel your very best
Because its’ chocolate

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