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©1991 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI

Tossed to the stars and a baby goes sailing
Out on a sea, under quiet night skies
Dark blue and waiting, it’s there she does carry
Out and away, it’s her heart that will never return

Born of a love where the gift is the giving
Born of two hearts - are just one pair of eyes
Deep blue and wanting, your soul and your reason
Caught unaware, it’s your old life that never returns

Promise me - promise me, you will outlive me
That’s the natural order, the way it should be
Then break from me and take from me all you can carry
Its nature – it’s nurture and then it’s your turn
And as I teach you I learn

Tossed in the air, and your baby goes flying
Into the sun under wide open skies
Bright blue and shining, she’s earth bound and running
There in her eyes, it’s your love that will always return

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