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©1998 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI

Some days are a journey, long hauls – back roads into town
Where the ditches and the gravel pits
Take you by surprise, you go tumbling down
Your boots are torn and tattered
Your bad mood came ready made
Won’t you sit down, put your feet up
I’m gonna give you pink lemonade
Pink lemonade

Some days are lonely, no matter who gets in your face
Everybody itchin’ and scratchin’
Needing you on every page
Your mind is lost and scattered from
The demands they have made
Won’t you lay your head on my shoulder
Gonna give you pink lemonade
Pink Lemonade

Gonna take the yellow from the sun
Cool, cool green in the shade
We got marshmallow fluff floatin’
In the blue sky, my o my
When you need a drink
Try a little pink lemonade, pink lemonade

Some days, people’s words seem to come out all wrong
They might mean to be nice but they wound you
Cause you sorrow and harm
You soul is beat up and battered
They tried to take your truth away
Well I honestly believe in you
And the power of pink lemonade, pink lemonade

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