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©1998 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI

Sometimes I feel like a candle, running out of twine
And I am lost in the darkness, feeling night blind
And when those clouds and shadows are closing in on me
When the dawn is distant, you’re my good company

When I walk, trippin’ over nothin’  
You take my hand, break my fall
I wish for wings, rather be out flying  
You remind me first we crawl
You say everybody starts out small

And when I’m lost on the pathway stranded on my knees
You wave me to your doorstep, you welcome my good company

From some strange and distant town I’m calling
You hear me falling out your words are clear
And I always know those words will hold me
Never scold me, words I long to hear

Cause I’m that aged old sailor, married to the sea
You’re that deep dark water, you’re my good company

And when I cry, you find the beauty in it
And when I laugh you laugh along
I’m up to no good, heading down to nowhere
You’re there to bring me in
You help me find my way back in

Cause I’m a lonely sailor, too many nights at sea
You’re that bright red sunset, you’re my good company

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