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©1999  Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI

No more aiming at my own feet
No more triggers, no more smoking guns
No more shooting myself in the foot
Thinking I could hit and run, from all my mistakes

No more wondering what could have been
No more sorrow, I’ll just move along
I’ll be lacing bullet proof shoes
Starting anew - through, all my mistakes

Hold them fast, let ‘em go fast
Remember them to your heart
It’s gonna be alright - when the big ol’ light
Brings the dawn and a brand new start
There’s so much good to take, from a lovely mistake

All this wisdom has me hanging by a thread
Sometimes woven lace, sometimes a spider web
Then I get tangled inside my head
It’s a wonder I’m not dead, from all my mistakes


Here we sit in judgment - that’s why we don’t get along
Self indulgent, self righteous and strong
It’s so easy being right, man it’s tougher being wrong
Hell, it’s possible this song is a lovely mistake

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