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©2003 and c. 2014 Sally Fingerett, Green Fingers Music, BMI

It’s been said I look like a grownup, I hear that from time to time
Inside I feel like your average screw up, I’m a 12 year old with a credit line
I’m always late and so forgetful - where’s my head when not attached
It’s got to be around here somewhere it’s wearing makeup and a little hat

It’s been said, Oh, she’s so charming, man, those people don’t know me
My naughty side would be quite alarming, should I let my inner brat run free
I drink directly from the carton - I’m not one to share my toys
I fuss and whine - I leave the seat up - I do that for my inner boy

It’s been said, we’re all imposters, shaking deep beneath our skin
We’re petrified and we’re always nervous, so we don’t let anybody in
Well I for one, I’m here to tell you, I myself am an open book
Plain and simple I’m plenty crazy - you’re welcome in to have a look

It’s been said that love can change us - the heart is like a time machine
They say love can help us grow up
Have you come to help me grow up?
If you can love me, I can grow up

But . . . will you promise to stay in love with me

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